Wednesday, August 25

New Location

Hi Everyone...

I got fed up with the interface here so I moved. Come visit me at

Hope to see you there!


Thursday, July 8

Overdue Update

Hi all!

Sorry I've been away so long. Took me a bit to catch up after vacation though so that's why I'm late in getting a new entry up.

Vacation was great. We had a little of everything and that was nice. Spent a day at *My Lake*. hehehe. Went to Virginia City which is campy but always fun. Spent some days being lazy at MIL's house. Ate tons and just had a good time all around.

I did go to a LYS in Carson and that was a blast. I think they had every single designer yarn ever heard of. I bought some sock yarn that I want to do this pattern with. I also bought some really pretty wool that was sort of a dusty rose color. I've already crocheted myself a pair of slippers and just need to felt them. I have enough left over that I can do some more too, once I figure out the felting process. I also bought a little flip book called the "Crocheter's Companion" and it's really neat because you can stand it up and flip through all kinds of instructions. Basic stitches, joinin methods, and lots of other info too. Then there was the Crochet World magazine that I had to buy and a little round guy that you use to make knitted cords - I completely forget what these are called. It's pretty cute though. I got the one that's painted like a little guy, face and all. So I walked out of there spending a bit, but what is vacation for if not to spend? hehehe

I think my favorite find was a little Seniors Thrift store. I got about 8 bundles of wool yarn for 50 cents a piece. Two plastice tape measures that have a button so you can pull them out, press the button, and the tape will not retract. Then you press the button again to make the tape retract. These were only 10 cents each and I absolutely love them. One has a coveted place in my hook case so I can measure stuff without carrying around a ruler. :D I also got a great canvas tote bag for 50 cents and a bunch of Susan Bates Steel hooks for a dollar a piece. Oh and I found the neatest toddler sized ghan that I bought for $2. I don't normally buy ghans cause they are so fun to make but this thing just jumped out at me and I *HAD* to get it. Sorry to say I don't have pictures of all my "new stuff" yet, but will put some up as time allows.

Other than my buying I did do some crocheting. I worked on the flower squares and got all of them edged in green, and some completed. I still have about 3/4 of the way to go before I can even dream of assembly, but felt good for getting as much done as I did. (since I was being lazy on vacation - hehehe) Here's a pic:

OH and I never got a picture up of my Mystery Item. Here it is all put together....

Here is a shot of the zipper....(that was kind of tuff...ended up having to sew it on by hand)

And this shows exactly what the "mystery" item is used for....

LOL! it's a HOOK CASE!!!! hehehe

There were some things I didn't like about this pattern, but over all I love having a hook case shapped like a skein of yarn! That's just classic to me!!! LOL!

Ok - and last but not's a pic of my toes playing in *My Lake*. LOL

Hope y'all are well. Looking forward to catching up with all my fav blogs!


Tuesday, June 15

HMB Squares

Good Morning Everyone. To my shock and amazement when I was de-cluttering my crochet space this weekend I counted my squares and found out that I had 5 squares complete for HMB!!! :D:D:D I'm going to post four though because the fifth one I have issues with. I must have been crocheting it in my sleep because the size is all funky. Kind of wider on the bottom than on top. I might give it to Monster Toddler Girl as a blanket for one of her dolls. they are.

Hopefully I can get these all in tomorrows mail so I can go on vacation without worrying about it.

~~~sigh~~~~ Only 3 days of work left. Now if I could only get my house cleaned and the kids packed I might actually *get* to leave on Friday. :D:D Tahoe here I come! :D:D